10 reasons why you should create your own product!$$$

Hi there,

I am about to give you 10 reasons why you should create your own product. Why would you do that if affiliate marketing can still make you lots of money just like selling your own product? There are many reasons why these experienced internet marketers eventually create their own product, that is why I am giving you those reasons 🙂 To make it short this is basically affiliate marketing vs. selling your own product.

  1. Affiliate marketing is constantly getting harder and harder, with all of these search engine algorithm updates and stuff, lots of people are getting very overwhelmed with this.
  2. Selling your own products can easily generate 10 times more income than the average affiliate marketer does.
  3. If you create a membership site that bills your customers monthly, you will have an autopilot income that will last you months, maybe even 2 full years.
  4. It is extremely difficult to create have an autopilot income last 2 years for an affiliate. There is a lot more work involved if you are an affiliate, and you usually only earn little measly commissions of only %50 or less.
  5. Selling your own product is not as hard as you think it is.
  6. Your product does not have to be top notch for you to make some good money. For example a newbie made about $30,000 in one month selling an eBook about fishing!
  7. If you are an affiliate when you send your traffic to the sellers page if they don’t buy you are just building the sellers email list and not yours.
  8. If you allow affiliates to promote your product you can make lots of money very fast and on autopilot
  9. If you add up all of the work an affiliate has to do compared to what a seller has to do, its almost the same. The only difference is that selling your own product generates more cash
  10. You can build a huge list by selling your own product, then you can market other products to them as an affiliate via email. Oh and most internet millionaires get rich from selling their own products, not from being an affiliate.

Now that you know why selling your own product is better for you in the long run, why don’t you give it a shot? Just to spark something in your hard, those marketers who do this for a living make MILLIONS of dollars by selling their own products. Now we all know that your first product isn’t going to make millions but it will make you money.

How can you get started selling?

There are 2 choice that I have for you. I recommend you choose one of them or both. The first thing I recommend is for you to join the Empower Network. It is like a whole done for you business being sold for $25 for you. You get to sell tons of products and you get 100% commissions. Having 100% commissions is basically like owning your own product.  The only thing is that affiliates cant promote it because they want to buy it too, its confusing.I have heard tons of success stories from the empower network, so for information on this network click here for an in depth review of the empower network 🙂

The second choice I have for you is to create your own product. There is a course that teaches you step by step how to create your own product and make thousands of dollars from it. This course is called Membership Sites blueprint. This is downright the best course you will ever invest in if you want to learn how to sell products online for a living. Everything you need to know is in this course, click here for an in depth review of this course 🙂