Are you going to promote Ronnie M’s Wall Street Exposed Course?

Hey its Nathanael Here,

This post is aimed towards you intermdiate/advanced internet marketers who know how to get sales, and know about upcoming courses. Now i’m sure most of you affiliates now VERY well who Ronnie M is but for those if you who dont… All I have to say is

Ronnie M is The God Of Internet Marketing

He participates in almost everysingle IM product launch. He is also one of the best known internet marketing affiliates today. He always ends up either on spot 1 or two on EVERY single product launch leaderboard. Basically to sum it all up, if you promote him HARD, he’ll promote your product when it launches, EVEN HARDER.

With that Said, Will you Promote Ronnie M’s Wall Street Exposed Course?

Before you decide, know this. You’ll get $160 per sale and there are no refunds. That means more money in your pocket. The only reason its no refund is because he’ll most likely have tons of upsells and you dont get any cut from the upsells. So in order to make up from the money of the upsell, he bumbs up the amount of money you get per sale and makes it be no refunds.

My Conclusion…

I definetively am going to promote this. Its a no brainer. There has never been ANY course out there in internet marketing history that offers $160 per sale and no refunds! First off your elimanting yourself from the 40% industry refund rates by keeping everything you make, and you make a lot per sale!

For you newbies who dont know anything about affiliate marketing, dont worry, as I’m currently creating a FREE affiliate marketing course for you guys. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment down below.