BREAKING NEWS: Clickbank Removes Risk Management Tiers!!!

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ClickbankYou have no idea how excited I am to bring you this information. Like I was literally caught of guard, I was suprised to see this. Here is how it happened. I was on my laptop and I decided to just check out on one of my clickbank accounts. Then, BAM!!! I was suprised because I no longer saw the risk management tier area. Logging in to my account was a quincidence because I dont even check my clickbank account every day!

Did Clickbank really remove the risk management tiers?

Yes, I can confirm that because right after logging into seeing that no risk management tier I had my doubts. So I started looking for the page that explains the risk management tiers and there it was. I found it. They clearly said that during those months of implementing or scaring off most of the scammers and forcing the real marketers to lower their refund rates, that tremendously helpled clickbank so much that they are not even going to continue with it….FOR NOW.  Click Here to visit clickbanks risk management tiers page. Here is an image below of the exact quote.

clickbank risk

 I reviewed the clickbank risk management tiers in depth when they first came out in this post. Literally everyone complained about it, I even sent them a message regarding their new tiers and how some of the rules were just not fair. In fact here is a snapshot of a complaint that I sent. The complaint was too long so if you want to know what I said go to my original post reviewing the clickbank risk management tiers by clicking here.

Removes Risk Management


As you can see from the image above, their main goal was to lower their refund rates. The risk manaement tiers worked so well that they have basically rewarded us and removed it for now.

Does this mean its Completely Over? – Should you still be Worried?

The sad answer is NO. Its not over. If you go read refunds and chargebacks page by clicking here they say that they will still use the tiers to help improve their business.

So in conclusion just because clickbank removed the risk management tiers for now does not mean you should go back to horrible methods of promotion that lead to high refund rates. Having a good refund rate not only means more profits for you, but it also helps clickbank with their industry refund and chargeback rate standards. So its a mutual relationship.

Last Questions – 

For those of you who left clickbank will you be returning? Now that the risk management tiers have been removed have you learned your lesson to watch your refund rate? With that said leave your answers, questions, and opinions in the comments below 🙂

With that said this truly feels like a massive releif to me 🙂

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