DotComSecrets X Review – Is it worth your money?

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Hi, Nathanael here

Remember I believe that honesty is the best policy so I provide my readers with honest in depth reviews on all the latest products. With that said lets get into my review :). The DotComsecrets X course was created by internet Multi-Millionaire Russel Brunson who helped many students and other internet marketers make a living. Russel Brunson had one goal for his DotcomSecrets X course, and that was to help people make money. In more detail, his goal is that 100 people could become a millionaire, 1000 people may have potential to make 6 figures, 10,000 people will quit their job and a 100,000 people will make their first $100. If you have not seen the dotcomsecrets x introduction video, click here to see it :).

What is the DotComSecrets X Course about?

Well, to make it short the DotcomSecrets X course is basically about email marketing. As I have said in my previous post, email marketing is very important. The only problem most people have with email marketing is building a list. The truth is building a list has become extremely hard these days, but without one you wont make it far in you online business. There are many subjects in email marketing  what exactly is the Dotcomsecrets x course is about? It explains everything you need to know about paid solo ads, free solo ads, and tons of other extremely effective ways to build your list fast. If you are looking forward to build a list fast, Dotcomsecrets x is the place to do it.

What is in the DotComSecrets X course?

When you join the DotComSecrets x course, right off the bat you will have access to the 30 day challenge videos. That is where you will learn exactly how to get free traffic to your squeeze page. Not only that but you will learn where to get the best deals for paid ads when it comes to building your list. The only thing is most people don’t have a squeeze page, but dont worry because just for being a member you will get 3 done for you plug and play squeeze pages! The first module is basically built around trying to get you to make money fast within the first 30 days. Then the next modules show you how to make more money, but it wont be as fast as the 30 day challenge module.

Who is Russel Brunson?

The truth is that Russel Brunson is an internet marketing prodigy. DotComSecrets X is the brain child of Russel Brunson. An amazing fact is that Russel Brunson made his first Million dollars online with in a year of graduating rom Boise State University at has gone on to build an eight figure a year business with the stated mission of: “Helping make the world more, healthy, wealthy and wise by training entrepreneurs to create and market products and services that take their lives and businesses to new levels.”

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