Email Marketing Basics: Creating Follow Up and Broadcast Messages

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Why would you start collecting emails in an autoresponder if you are never going to send them messages? The answer to that is you wouldn’t collect emails at all if your were not planning on sending them messages. With that said, today I will show you how to create follow up messages in your aweber account. Remember, the money is in the list!

If you do not know what is an autoresponder, click here to go read the first post in this series. There is nothing complicated to creating follow up and broadcast messages, there are just a couple of simple steps required.

Creating Follow Up Messages 

Lets start with follow up messages. To create a follow up message just hover your mouse over the messages tab, then click follow up. After clicking that you will see a green button that says “new html message”. There is where you can create your first follow up message. You can choose how many days it goes out after the previous one. Below is an image showing you where to click to get to the follow up messages area.

follow up

follow up message button

How to Create a Broadcast message

Creating a broadcast message is as easy as creating a follow up message. Instead of clicking on the follow up button in the drop down menu, just click on the broadcast button. Then click on new html message. After you finish creating your broadcast message you will be asked if you would like to schedule your broadcast message. If you would like to do that you will see a calender on the left side. Once its queued, your message will instantly be send to all of your subscribers.

What is the difference between follow messages and broadcast messages?

Not all of your subscribers will receive the same follow up message on the same day. That all depends on the day they entered your list. If 2 people entered your list on the same day, then they will be receiving the same follow up messages on the same day. On the other hand, if you send a broadcast message, it will be instantly sent to all of your subscribers on that some day or on the day you schedule it to be sent.



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