Email Marketing Basics: How to create a Blog Broadcast on Aweber

If building a strong readership with your audience is one of your blogging goals, then creating a blog broadcast should be on your to do list if you haven’t already done it. Without a strong readership, you wont last long in this game of blog competition.

With over 100 Million blogs out there (and growing) its extremely important that you do everything you can to make your blog stand out more than any other blog. What I will do is I am going to break down what is a blog broadcast and show you how to create one for yourself. After that, feel free to leave a comment with any questions or opinions.

So What Exactly is a Blog Broadcast and Why should You Create one?

A blog broadcast is a lot like a normal Broadcast message. Just like a normal broadcast message, this is sent out at the same time and date with the same message, to all of your subscribers. The only difference is instead of the broadcast message containing a custom message that you created with whatever you want in it, the blog broadcast will contain a newsletter with the latest post from your blog. You can set it so that every time there are 5 fresh new blog post, a blog broadcast with the newsletter is sent. Its that simple.

5 Killer Reasons Why you Should consider creating a blog Broadcast?

  1. It builds a very strong readership with your subscribers.
  2. Your readers will always be up to date with your new content, even if they don’t visit your blog everyday.
  3. This newsletter gives a more professional feel to your blog and it will bring more targeted returning visitors.
  4. This returning extra traffic can result in a comment, a share, or maybe even a sale which all help the growth of your blog.
  5. With all of the consistent newsletters, instead of waiting, your subscriber may feel more interested in your blog and start visiting your site more often instead of waiting for the newsletter.

Ok now are you starting to understand the importance of a blog broadcast? Maybe its time for you to take action and start creating one right now!

How To Create a Blog Broadcast on Aweber

I have added an in depth tutorial video by Aweber that will show you step by step directions on how to create a blog broadcast.

Click here to read the previous post in the email marketing basics series which teaches you how to create a broadcast message. If you have not already, Click here to sign up for an Aweber account. Its just $1 for the first month then $19 per month. So what do you think of Blog Broadcast? Leave a comment below with any questions or opinions 🙂