Guide to finding a killer Clickbank product to promote

Hi, Nathanael here

As everyone knows, Clickbank is a great way to make lots of money online. If you haven’t noticed Clickbank has paid out over 2 BILLION dollars to their clients. They have been around the internet marketing wold for over 14 years and they have never paid late, they always pay on time. As you can see from the picture below, Clickbank clients are making allot of money. If you visit it would be bigger number than the one you see below because people are constantly making money. You can get your slice of the 2 billion by learning how to be a great affiliate. But being a great affiliate starts with learning how to find a good product to promote.

Using the Clickbank MarketPlace to Search for products

The reason why most affiliates never find a good product to promote in their niche is because they don’t know how to narrow down their results. If you want to narrow your results as much as possible its best you use Clickbank’s advanced marketplace search. Depending on what specific product you are looking for, you can exclude certain keywords, choose you category, preferred stats, billing type, language etc… Watch the video below to learn how to use the clickbank marketplace search to find products.

What should you keep in mind when searching for a product?

The number one thing I would look for in a product is the gravity. Never promote a product that has a gravity of zero, no matter how good you think it is. Remember your opinion and someone elses can be very different. For example if you are in a popular niche, expect the gravity to be higher. In a niche like internet marketing, I would only promote products that have a gravity above 49. Another thing to keep in mind is refund rates. Some products have a high gravity but they have an extremely high refund rate. What good is getting 10 sales if 8 of them are going to be refunded!

What do I think is the Best way to find killer Clickbank products in your niche?

Cbengine is downright THE BEST way to find top Clickbank products that convert in your niche. This is a MUST HAVE affiliate tool if you are serious about making money as an affiliate. With Cbengine you can instantly find the top ten converting products in your niche.  It even has better search settings than the clickbank marketplace. The most impressive part about Cbengine is the ability to see the refund rates of Clickbank products. With the refund rate feature you can avoid loosing money in your business! The only thing is that this feature of seeing refund rates is only available for pro accounts. A pro account is just a one time payment of $47, but if you click here you can register for a 7 day pro membership free trial. You will see the button on the top of the site. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below 🙂
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