How I easily made over $3,000 in one day

You might be wondering how did I make over $3,000 in one day? I will explain how I did it later but I really created this post to explain the importance of a mailing list. I added this title to get a higher click through rate. Whatever you internet marketing goal is, if you want it to work, you must have a mailing list, especially if you want to have a successful blog. If you did not now capturing leads that come to your blog is one of the top ways of driving traffic to your blog.

It really is not hard to make $3,000 in one day. The truth is that I used my mailing list to make this money. I saw that there was a program about to close and what I did is that I sent out an email telling my subscribers that they have 24 hours to join before it closes down officially . Your mailing list will quickly become part of your blog operation. You can use it to keep readers up to date on what is happening in your blog. Making $3,000 with one mailing is not the best I have done, I have made more money with one mailing. I made $9,500 with a single mailing before.

Finding a good mailing service.

Aweber is downright THE BEST mailing list I have ever used. I think it is the best for many reasons. If you want to create an account with Aweber it only cost $19 for up to 500 names. The bigger your list the more it will cost. That does not matter because you will be making money with your list. If your cheap and you are thinking about using a newsletter software, don’t do it! Aweber is the best at getting through spam filters than any other service. If you really want your subscribers receiving your messages, you have to use aweber

Whats next?

Put your subscription box in a highly visible spot. It is common sense, if your visitors cant see your subscription box, chances are they will not subscribe to your newsletter. You should also make your subscription box look very appealing to the eye. Don’t just make it a plane box with no colors saying a simple command. Be creative when it comes to creating an eye popping subscription box. Aweber allows you to customize your subscription box so that you can make it look exactly how you like.

How do you get people to opt in to your subscription box?

To make it short, offer an incentive. To increase your subscribers you have to add an incentive, because most people have the whats on it for me way of thinking. Offering a free eBook is the perfect way to do it. If you dont want to create your own eBook, you can easily just buy an eBook with PLR rights, then re-brand it and offer it for free on in your opt in box.

How can you get even more subscriptions? 

If you have lots of people commenting on your blog and you are not doing anything about, then this is another goldmine you have not stumbled on yet. An amazing way to get new subscribers is to ask your commentators to subscribe. If they take their time to comment on your post, then they will most likely opt in to your newsletter as well. The only thing problem is that you cant do this manually. That is why you can do it with opt in comments. Opt in comments works perfectly with wordpress. How does it work? Everytime someone comments on your blog for the first time, they will get an automated message in their email inbox asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

And finally to top it all off you can get more opt ins by using a light box sign up.

Go to web forms in your aweber account and create a new list.

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