How to get over 400 subscribers in one day

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I know most of you were really happy after reading my previous post, “How I made over $3,000 in one day“. Some people messaged me saying that they did not want to get an Aweber account because they thought it would take to long to build a list of 400 people or more. That is not the right mentality you should have if you want to succeed. The truth is that if you have the right marketing path, it is actually very possible to build a list of over 400 people in one day. Aweber is only $19 a month so if you can make $3,000 heck even just $100 a day, aweber more than pays for itself it, it also helps you make money!

The key to building a list fast!!!

If you are serious about building a list fast, then you better listen because I am about to show you everything you need to do. First you have to ask yourself have you taken action since the steps I recommended you to do in my last post, “How I made over $3,000 in one day“. If you read that last post, I talked about offering an incentive on your light box web forms for higher opt in rates. The best way to boost your opt in rates is to offer a free eBook. A problem most people have when starting their own blog is that they don’t have a free eBook to offer. They are either too lazy to create their own eBook or they have no idea what is a PLR eBook. A plr eBook gives you plr rights to the eBook. To make it short, you can re-brand it with your name and website then offer it for free.  But plr eBooks are not free on average a plr eBook would cost you about $5. If you don’t have enough time to create you own eBook I recommend you get a plr eBook, however if you do get a plr eBook just know that thousands of other blogs may have that same incentive which may lower your optin rates so try to consider creating your own eBook. Click here to go to where you can get your plr eBook that best fits your blog. Or Click here to go to where you can get plr eBooks as well.

Using contest to Explode your email list

How would you use a contest to explode your email list? its simple, in the contest offer an incentive then make the contest rules be that the reader must subscribe to your news letter and anything else like follow you on twitter. You can do this for free but it would be hard to keep track of the people who actually do it. Now have you ever seen those YouTube videos where they are doing a give a way but in order to be entered to win you must subscribe, add a comment, and like the video? Then after getting all of those Youtube subscribers they would upload a video sending them to their newsletter squeeze page.That is an example of a contest that you can use to get more subscribers on YouTube and on your email list. Both of these great fee ways to get more leads fast, however there is a way that is more automated and easier to keep track of the people who actually enter to win.

This automation contest tool is called Contest Domination. For those of you who are tight in money don’t worry because there is a free version and a pro version. One thing liked is that contest domination is hosted is hosted on so you wont have to host it on your site!.  How does the plugin work? to make it short you create a new contest offering an incentive, then you choose how many winners will there be (1,2,3 etc…) After you have everything set up you hit launch and share the contest with on your blog, your list and everything else. Then in order for the person to enter the contest they must enter their name and email address, then share the link to the contest on twitter, linden or Facebook, and finally they must follow you on twitter or like your FaceBook page. The only problem is that the free version only lets you get social followers and people sharing your contest, you cant build your list because the leads will just go to contest domination. Contest domination pro lets you use all features for only $29.99 a month. Click Here to sign up for a free or pro account with Contest domination!

What auto responder service should you choose?

GO WITH AWEBER FROM THE START!!! I cant stress how important it is to have an aweber account. I already explained all the reason why I think aweber is the best auto responder service to build your list.

What are my Final recommendations? – Build Your Newsletter and RSS Number At The Same Time

Building your RSS subscribers is almost as important as having a huge email list. So what you can do is build your newsletter and your Feedburner number at the same time. This feature of building your newsletter and your Feedburner number at the same time is only available to aweber users. Its called doing a blog broadcast. Watch the video below to learn how to do a blog broadcast on aweber.

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