How to make money reviewing products

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When it comes to making money online, there hasn’t been a more targeted way to do it than reviewing products. I have had many request from my subscribers asking me to show them how to make money reviewing products online. So today I will show you the exact blueprint that I use to make money reviewing products online. This is also a great way to drastically lower your refund rates, now with the new clickbank risk management tiers it is extremely important for you to keep your refund rates at a certain percentage. With that said, let me show you how to make money by reviewing products!

Step 1: Find a niche that best fits you. – With hundreds of niches out there, you can start reviewing products in any niche. Some popular niches that you might want to consider are internet marketing, Health and fitness, and dating advice. Those are the 3 most popular niches, however it doesn’t mean that a different niche wont make you as much money or more money than those niches. If you choose a niche that you have no prior knowledge on, its good for you to learn a little bit on it by Google searching before getting into it.

Step 2: Get to know the most popular products in the niche you chose. – The best way for you to start out is to make a to do list of the products that have the biggest buzz surrounding them. Just think about, why review a product that nobody wants to know about, you would be wasting your time. After you review the most popular products, start reviewing other products in your niche, but make sure they at least have some buzz not none! Now that you have a niche with a list of products to promote make a blog to review those products. For example if your niche is about dating your site can be called!

Step 3: Take action – Now that you have a list of products that you would like to promote its time for you to learn how to write a good review. If your review does not answer the readers question, you will never get a sale. The only time you should add a new post to your blog is when a new product in your niche comes out. Some popular questions that you should always answer in a review are “Does it work?”, “Is it worth your money?”, and depending on what product you are reviewing you can also answer this question “how fast will you see results?”. Click Here to learn exactly how to write a good review.

Step 4: Drive traffic to your reviews

Without traffic you would be wasting so much time. Every time you make a written review it is also very helpful if you add a video to that written review. That way you can get some traffic coming from you YouTube video. Click Here to learn how to drive traffic using YouTube. You should also do some on page SEO and some off page SEO to rank your reviews in the search engines. For starters you can do some on site SEO by adding the top 5 seo plugins to your WordPress site.

Step 5: Don’t forget to be HONEST!!! – If you are not honest with your reviews you will just end up sky rocketing your refund rates. Try not to hype up the product too much when you are reviewing it. Make sure you explain what the get, what they learn and other information depending on the product you are reviewing. If you are not honest your review blog will end up loosing readers and you will never make money reviewing products. Try your best because good review sites can make up to or more than $1,000 a day reviewing products.

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