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If you have not noticed blogging, has become one of the best ways to get targeted traffic and get sales. Just like this blog, you can build a successful blog really fast but only if you have the right blueprint. Today I will show everything you need to do in order to kick start your blog when you create it. If you don’t know how much money blogging can make you, just remember this “most popular blogs make an average of about $20,000 – $40,000 a month! Now lets be realistic, we all know you cant achieve that in one day. It may take you 6-24 months of consistent blogging in order to get there. If you think about it that is not a long time, and with the right blueprint you can cut that time in half. So lets get started setting up your blog!

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Step 1: Find a good hosting service for blog

If you want to build a successful blog, you will have hundreds if not thousands of daily visitors coming to read the information you are giving away. If you have free hosting, everyday your site will slow down to dial up like speeds and eventually crash. That is why you need to find a good paid hosting service. Don’t get scared because its not expensive. I use Godaddy as my hosting. I use the deluxe 4G hosting plan which is only $6.64 a month. You get unlimited bandwidth which means your site wont crash when you get lots of visitors, and you can host an unlimited amount of domains. The only thing is that there is a one time start up fee of about $80, but after that its $6.64 a month. Click here to go and get your hosting account. Or you can get a domain name with wordpress pre installed, and hosting for only $25 by clicking here.

Step 2: Think of a domain name that best fits your niche

Depending on your niche, make sure you choose a domain name that makes sense or at least shows some type of resemblance to your niche. For example a good way to get a domain name in your niche is to have your name and then the niche .com. For example lets say your name is Steve Johnson and your niche is marketing. You can choose a domain name called . Or any other domain name about making money. Make sure you look a your domain name from a visitors perspective because the better you domain name, your visitors think your website is better. You get the point, now you can just go to and see if that domain name is available  Once you find the domain name that best fits your niche, register it and assign it to your hosting account.

Step 3: Add WordPress to your site and configure your blog

With godaddy’s on click WordPress installation service, installing WordPress has never been easier. Before this service, installing WordPress required some FTP, creating a database, your mysql, and other complicated steps. Now you just fill up some information, hit submit, and godaddy will add WordPress to your site. That would finish in about half an our. Now that WordPress is installed to your blog, you need to install the right plugins for Search Engine Optimization. For those of you who don’t know, SEO can bring in lots of FREE traffic to your blog. Click here to learn how to optimize your site for search engines for free!. Also make sure you have the tools to turn your traffic into returning traffic before you start getting traffic. You can do that by building a list. Read these to post to learn how to build a list with your site. Post 1 and post 2

Step 4: Start blogging and drive traffic to your blog!

Now that you have everything you need, its time for you to start blogging! Just make sure you blog about things people want to read. For example if you are in the health niche, if you are not going to blog about tips like loosing weight or building muscle, just don’t blog at all. You need to find out what your niche wants, then you blog about the information they want on your blog. Do not sell this information, even if its some great helpful information, if you start selling right away you will loose trust. A good fast way to drive traffic to your blog is by using YouTube. Click here to learn how to drive traffic to your site with YouTube. Don’t forget to blog daily! To learn more ways to drive traffic to your blog check out this free 10 week internet marketing course.

Step 6: Monetize your Blog

After about 2 weeks of blogging daily and driving traffic to your site, you can then start monetizing your blog. This is the easiest part of all. You can use Google Adsense to monetize your blog or ad some clickbank ads to monetize your blog. To sign up for a Google adsense account go to After you sign up to Google adsense and clickbank, the steps should be really easy from there. I hope this guide has helped you achieve your goals of learning how to make money blogging.

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