How to write a Good Review – Make money reviewing products

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What should you say in a review?

When it comes to writing reviews, you have to make sure you get the point across or your chances of generating sales from your reviews will dramatically decrease. I don’t want to call out any names but yesterday I was visiting other blogs and reading their reviews. I encountered lots of great reviews, but then I saw blogs that their reviews were so horrible that I had to laugh. The person was literally saying that he made $100,000 in his first 10 minutes of using the product he was reviewing. Basically all he was doing was hyping up the product just like the sales page.

The only reason why people search for reviews is because they are tired of the hyped up sales pages, which means they want honest reviews. So if you just hype up the product even more in your reviews, your not going anywhere with your reviews. Don’t get me wrong, hyping up the product in your review is good but only to a certain extent. Another step to keep in mind is to always purchase the product for yourself before reviewing it. This way you can show the product to your audience on video and have a better written detailed explanation.

How should you start your reviews?

If you would like to you can introduce yourself and tell them that you will be giving them an honest unbiased review of the product that you are reviewing. The way most good reviews start is by telling them that you will be reviewing a popular product called “x”. Then you go on to say that the course was created by “who ever created it”. After you say who has created it give some background information on that person and what they have accomplished in that niche. If two people created it do the same with those two people but try to keep it short, this is all going to be in your first paragraph. Right after that explain what the course is supposed to do. Then you would finish your first paragraph by starting the review. If you are planning on adding a video to your review I recommend you add it right after your first paragraph. Continue reading below to find out how to start your review 🙂

What should you write after the intro?

Your second paragraph can explain in detail what is inside if its a course or explain what does the product do if its something like a piece of software. I like starting my second paragraphs by explaining what they will get after purchasing because that is one of the biggest questions you have before you buy a product online. That means that if you say what they are getting, you have already answered one of their big questions. After the reader goes through your second paragraph they now have a better chance of being convinced to purchase.

What should you do next?

Now that they know what they are getting, you should explain what they will learn or how this product will help them if they purchase it. For example if your niche is health and fitness and you are reviewing a fat loss product you can say that they will learn how to loose weight in such and such ways. Another example is internet marketing. Lets say the product you are reviewing is based on helping people build a list fast but people don’t know that they will learn how to do it for free in many different ways. You would continue to say that they will learn how to build a list fast and for free. An extremely effective way to end this paragraph or two is by maybe adding a video of a testimonial or some type of proof like a picture. In the health and fitness example that I gave, I would show a before and after picture of an over weight person. In the Internet marketing example, I would show a before and after picture of someones email list.

The Final ending

You can then end your review by explaining why recommend the product and showing the pros and cons of the product. After that your review should be ready to publish 🙂 An example of a good written review is my blogging with john chow review. A good review video that I did was my Work From No Home review video because I showed proof that it works