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Im Target Review

Hey guys, Nathanael here and today I am bringing you my highly anticipated Im Target ReviewContinue reading below to get blown away by this extraordinary marketing course.

Now, I don’t know about you but the sales video hyped me up a bit for several reasons. This is because unlike most Im (internet marketing) sales videos now at days, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. All they do is show earnings and subliminally tell you to buy now! The ImTarget sale video impressed me because it was very natural as it clearly introduced you to the REAL creator of the product (No Fake Actors, Yay!) and he actually literally explains what you are getting with your purchase. With that said, allow me to give you my in depth Im Target Review 🙂    Is it a scam? Is it worth the investment?

Im target review

As you can see from this quick snapshot of the inside, the members area design looks beautiful as it is very well set up. There is nothing to get confused with. Its literally just Step One, Two, and Three. It cant get any easier than that!

Before We Get into the review, I’m sure most of you are fully aware of who Anik Singal is – but for those of you who aren’t here is a quick background history. Anik Singal is a highly experienced internet marketer who has gone on to make over $50 Million dollars online and teach several of his students to make over $1 Million dollars by sharing the methods he uses to earn money online as an affiliate.  His last course, Marketing With Anik, greatly impacted the online world and taught tons of newbies to make a full time income online as an affiliate!

Now Here is my Im Target Review Video – Members area walk through (Watch in HD)



As you can see from my review video above, I was very impressed. I would still pay the investment fee even if all the ImTarget course included was the training, yeah the training is that powerful! Below is an in depth written version of my Im Target Review

What is Im Target and What do you get with your Purchase?

With your $47 membership the ImTarget gives you full access to all of the training in the course. To be honest, I think the training covers every single internet marketing aspect, and more! So this is completely newbie friendly and you intermediate/advanced marketers will still learn new techniques to apply to your business. As seen in the my review video, the training is solid. For example the step one tab in the members are includes the following:

  • The Im Target Software, shown in my review video and explained in more detail below
  • The Im Target basics module for beginner and intermediate internet marketers. It has Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Article marketing, Mobile Marketing, CPA marketing, Facebook ads and so much more!
  • The newbie training includes a huge set of articles that will educate newbies on everything they need to know.
  • Then comes the Step two tab. The first module in step 2 is called the “weekly Strategies”. This includes tons of very informative and profitable eBooks on every single internet marketing topic.  The next 2 modules in step 2 tab are the weekly webinars and the tutorial training videos that teach you how to set up your accounts and use your upsells.


The Software (the best for last) left for last  just to emphasize how amazing this piece of software is. In in a nutshell, this software completely pushes the boundaries of website creation software because LITERALLY all of the time consuming tasks in website creation are done for you (100% automated). This will make an affiliate site completely for you. You will know what I mean once you see it in action – Take a look at my review video above to see the software in action. Everything I talk about is covered in detail in my review video above.

imtarget review

My Im Target Pros And Cons (What I liked and what I did not like):


  • Build profitable keyword rich niche sites in less than a minute each with the software
  • You Get training for newbies, intermediate marketers, and advanced marketers
  • There will be a weekly Live Webinar with Anik Singal sharing more profitable ways of using the software and his training.
  • The Support Team is AWESOME!!! You can contact the support email or you can pick the phone and just call them to their support number. Very few courses offer an actual support number, this shows how serious the ImTarget group is when it comes to your success.
  • You get the extra mini courses that teach you how to profit with the Warrior Forum, Twitter, FaceBook Amazon, Email campaigns, and another mini course on content creation.


  • To be honest this was very hard for me to come with some cons about this course. The only thing I did not like was how they did not let me choose my niche or affiliate offer, but then again that is actually kind of good because the niches and affiliate offers they choose for you are proven to work. That’s all I have to say 🙂

Im Target Review – Conclusion

For just $47 you’re getting some CRAAZZYY good value for money. Not only are you getting the ability to build high converting affiliate niche sites but, you’re also getting extra Im training, live training via webinar and a ton of other training on every aspect of marketing online (the foundations of affiliate marketing ).

This is one of those products that if you buy and take action, you will see results.  Remember, with the right education and the right attitude, you will find yourself a lot closer to success than you were before

Verdict – Recommended

You know by now that I don’t do “hype” and I don’t recommend things for the sake of ,but this is something you can’t afford to pass on. Most good courses like this are not always open to everyone to prevent saturation. Some courses have completely closed down to new members, who knows if that will happen again…Don’t miss out on this one guys! (Just give this a 30-60 day try and I guarantee you will be satisfied)



What are the Up-sells and What are the Costs?

Up-Sell#1Premium Version Of Im Target Software – This upgrade allows you to use the software with NO LIMITS! In other words, the software will do a lot more than the basic version. It will post 10 the amount of content on your sites. You get to choose from 5,000 to 10,000 keywords. The software will also automatically embed YouTube videos on your sites which is great because the basic version does not do that and it makes your site become more user friendly.  The most important reason why I think you should get this up-sell is because it allows you to monetize your blog with popular platforms like Clickbank, Amazon and Google Adsense instantly to start utilizing the revenue programs they offer.

Price – Just $197- This is A No Brainer Guys, this just makes things so much easier 🙂 Its well worth the money.

Up-Sell#2 – Done For you (56 Turn Key Business in a Box) – Most of it is in the name. You Get the instant affiliate packs which are ready made, high converting affiliate review sites on a variety of niches. You will also get access to the PI Creator tool and Ready made Niche sites which are similar to the sites that the software builds for you. (dont get confused, the instant affiliate packs and the ready made sites are not the same). The PI Creator tool allows you to build micro website built around a single product name keyword. These highly targeted sites get good rankings in the search engines.

Price – $177 – I recommend this for intermediate marketers.

Up-sell#3 – Freedom Fighter Club – This my friends is like tapping into the minds of Multi-Millionaires. You get all of the secrets behind the minds of the most successful marketers in our era (Mahatma Gandhi, Richard Branson, and much more…) You also get Aniks 3 years of intense research, a success blueprint, and you will learn how to put yourself in the right mindset.

 Price  – $97 – I’d recommend this to advanced marketers as they will have a better understanding of the advanced methods in this bonus course.


I found out that imtarget is all one big scam. breaking news today


I bought the system .I am a real newbie too. I got the niches up and runnig. But where do I go to see the money,hits. Information on the sites they have made for me. Who keeps the content up. Is this not a turn key operation . No hands on the site maintenance. I bought the upgrade but when I use the download your site in the upgrade section and press download. Multiple's of  tabs open and my system crashes. I need help. Can you guide me along. Liked your video . Four days in and I do not see any money.


I am a for real "newbie" , just got lay-off from my job and need to create an income stream, so please explain to me the part of the video that said if you get .50 cent a click, and a low visit rate of 1500 per mo, you can still see an income. Who pays you .50 cent per click?, where does that $$ come from? Yes everything seems great, build the site in less than a min, all the great content, but noone toldthe newbie how to get the pay per click, can you help         Kenny from NY