Mobile Money Code Review – Why I Dont Recommend it

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Welcome to my Mobile Money Code Review. Now I am almost certain that you’ve seen all of the hype (emails,video earnings,fake actors,fake testimonials,etc…) this hype caught my attention so I had to get a copy for myself to see if this course is really worth it, and if its a scam. Continue reading my real FULL honest Mobile Money Code Review 🙂

Mobile Money Code Review

I have been waiting for this to launch for days now. If you’ve been reading the email I’ve been sending you then you would know that I do not recommend this, however if you are new to this review I will show you exactly why I dont recommend it below.

First off like most sales video now at days, it contained a bunch of paid actors and they flashed tons of earnings in your face with a hype instrumental in the background. So basically you dont know exactly what your purchasing, its like handing money to someone while being blind folded. With that said, here is my full Mobile Money Code Review vidoe below.

mobile money code scam


Why I dont Recommend Mobile Money Code – 

First off, the members area looks like it was stuffed up with content in a rush. Next the course should be about mobile marketing but for some reason they stuffed it with other tools like SEO tools and a worthless qr code creator software. Not only that but the videos in the members area kept in freezing with an error. Also if for someone weird reason you decdie to join mobile money code, you will have to go through 5-10 up sells before you access the members area. Then on top of that there are affiliate offers inside of the members area.

To sum it all up…. To me it looked like the creator of the course was just interested in making as much money as you from possible (I showed this in my review video above). The crazy thing is that one of the “must do” steps in the members area was to purchase another course throug his affiliate link (like I said, they’re only interested in your hard earned money).  Anyone who tries to go through two courses at the same time will most likely get an information overload and eventually quit without making a dime.

All this for just $49?…No I do not recommend this. Its not a scam but I dont think you are getting $49 worth of education. I think it has no value which is why I do not recommend it. Im just so fed up with these hyped up sales videos.

My Recommendation?

Since I will not be promoting/recommending this, I recommend you join the Empowe Network. I touched a bit on EN in my mobile money code review video above. Its just $45/mo to join compared to mobile money code which is $49 plus all of the up sells the cost hundreds of dollars. I already outlined in the video why EN has so much value (I also include a bonus).

With that said, I hope my mobile money code review has helped you decide whether you’d like to purchase. If you have an opinions or questions, feel free to leave a comment down below 🙂 Bye

mobile money code review


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