Mobile Money Code Vs. Empower Network

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Now I dont know if you guys have been checking your inbox latel, but I have sent you guys a message containing my Mobile Money Code Review. There has been lots of controversy surrounding my Mobile Money Code Review (just check the comments area of my review video). What I will do is show you my review video below, then do an in depth comparasin between the two. Once im finished you be the judge and leave a comment below 🙂

Here is my Mobile Money Code Review below 🙂

If you watched the video above, my main point was that I believe the Mobile Money Code is not worth $49. Also I think none of its upsells are worth it as well. First off the Empower Network is would cost $45/mo with no up sells and the Mobile money Code would cost just $49 with no up sells.

Which one Provides more value? Empower Network or the Mobile Money Code? (you be the judge)

Empower Network:

  • For just $25 you get a wordpress blog with a fully customizable them installed, plugins, pages, a post, and its already monetized. 
  • You can choose to promote the empower network by paying an additional $19.95/mo which would make the total just $45 per month, however you get to earn a massive 100% commissions on all sales you make.
  • The blog includes a wordpress easy mode for beginners
  • The Fast start training contains tutorial videos and a pdf guide showing the newbie exactly how to make money with the empower network viral blogging system.
  • Also your empower network blog will be hosted on the empower network domain name which has an extrmely good traffic rank. Its traffic rank is better than that of one of the biggest bloggers in the world, John Chow. This will help you rank your post in Google for free traffic that may result in sales for you.
  • The compensation plan is designed to help you make money thorugh leverage (pass ups,etc as explained in the compensation plan in the video above).
  • You get 11 lead capture pages to build a list, also you do not need an autoresponder because EN will follow up with your leads, however you can integrate Getresponse and Aweber with EN
  • Your sponsor will be encouraged to help you get sales because if you get sales you will pass up sales to him.
  • You also get access to your sponsors bonuses. All of these newbie friendly tools, and training for just $45.

Mobile Money Code:

  • You Get a Qr Code generator software to download to your computer which I believe is worthless because it can be found for free here – . Here is an example of a qr code I generated there for free without downloading any software to my computer – qrcode.13356807mmb . This makes the qr code generator worthless which decreases the value of the course. Scan it for yourself to see that it works (it will send you to
  • Step 2 in the Mobile Money Code Software module offers you another one of those rip off deals that offer a free domain but you have to pay for the hosting. I entered an example domain and then continued to the payment page and the total was $262 – here is the pic. In my opinion this decreasesthe value of the course because they are encouraging you to invest more money in a $262 blog when you can get way better blog with a better traffic rank from EN for just $45.
  • hosting
  • You also get a set of Mobile Marketing training videos which covers the basics of mobile marketing. I think this was the only plus side that mobile money code has to it, however since its just basic information you can find it by searching on forums and websites on google.
  • You also get a mobile site generator software (makes your site mobile friendly) that you have to download to your computer in order to use it. I believe this is worthless as well because there are many free wordpress plugins like wptouch that make your website mobile friendly for free without downloading any software to your computer.
  • You also get 50 premade mobile websites that you get to download to your computer in a zip file. This would be good if it had at least a tutorial showing you how to upload these sites to your hosting service but they do not include this which once again decreases the value. This will throw off beginners as well and encourage them to refund if they have not already.
  • Finally I think the only good thing that they had was the “Done For you Sites” tab under the “Done for you sites” module. This allowed you to choose from a wide variety of pre made squeeze pages in different niches. All you had to do is integrate your getresponse account with it, add an offer and then hit create. The only downside is that you have to host it yourself. The hosting they send you to cost over $200 like I showed in the pic above. This was good but still not good enough.
  • You also get the bnous extra done for you sites tab which is similar to the 50 mobile websites. Its a bunch of premade sites with no direction on how to add it to your hosting account. This will frustrate the average newbie.
  • I am just tired of this so I will make the last two short. The second to last tab was the “Traffic Money Code Tab” which was just another software for you to download, and the last tab was basic social media marketing which is irelevant to mobile marketing.

My Mobile Money Code vs Empower Network Opinion?

I really do not recommend the mobile money code. For example lets say you actually follow along with the training (without purchasing any upsells) you will would pay for the course, the hosting they recommend, and a getresponse account because the done for you sites (squeeze pages) only work with the getresponse autoresponder service. So following all of the directions in the mobile money code would cost you $326 compared to following all of the directions in EN (without getting any up sells) would only be $45 if you choose to only make money blogging.

In the end I still believe the mobile money code is not a good offer so I am giving you advice to STAY AWAY FROM IT!. If you join my Empower Network Team, you will get all of my bonuses (outlined in the video above) and access to my peronal email address. There you will learn how to make money blogging and the exact paid/free ad strategy that I use to promote the Empower Network.  To finish this competition with a bang, here is a killer Empower Network testimonial video.

mobile money code review


Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions and or opinions 🙂


Thank for your advice. Thats so cool which give me the way to choose for myself. Thanks again.