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Hi there, I am very pumped right now because I have an extremely lucrative business that I would like to show you. Like in the title above, below you read my FULL My Vegas Business Review. I am super excited this outstanding method to you. Ok now let me stop talking and start showing you the crazy potential that this business has 🙂

For starters, I would like to say that the members area is very well designed. Unlike other courses, this really looks and feels like a professional back office. Other than that, I have put together a video explaining what is included with your purchase, whats inside the members area and so much more (like a nice tour of the back office). With that said, you can go ahead and watch my My Vegas Business Review below. (video coming very soon as I am testing it out to show proof)

Another thing that impressed me was the fact that it does what it says. Its like you are literally getting the keys to your own billion dollar Las Vegas business. This was also launched on Clickbank without any paid actors or over hyped sales pages, so that was very refreshing to see.

Who Created the My Vegas Business?

My Vegas Business was created by two seasoned marketers, John Winter Valko and Adam Horwitz. they are knowledgeable, innovative and skilled when it comes to putting a product together. Adam Horwitz is a successful internet entrepreneur who knows lots of methods of making money, which has lead to the millions of dollars that he now makes online. This is not his first course/business, he has also launched previous courses teaching people exactly what he does which ended up being a huge success.

What is My Vegas Business?

With your $77 investment in My Vegas Business, you will get access to the eye opening back office which contains promotional tools, information on the commissions that you can generate, and you will get you will get your own customized and personalized website that you can brand according to what you like – (you will know what I mean once you join).

How does this business work?

To make things short and simple, its like owning a site that is better than Expedia, yup better than Expedia  Your site is created for you and it is linked to your back office. Once you got your site, the back office contains videos that show you exactly how to drive traffic to your site so that you can start generating some quick revenue. Once your site starts receiving traffic, your visitors will start to book hotels (and also booking shows, reserving tables at clubs and so on depending on your membership level.

So basically, you will earn commissions on what your customers pay to book hotels and other expensive things. The mind blowing thing is that this is all automated for you. All you will need to do is drive traffic, which you will learn how to do in the back office. Another thing that impressed me was the fact that you can get paid via Paypal  As soon as your account reaches a $50 balance, that money will be send directly to you Paypal account. That means you can spend it on the same day you get.

Keep in mind – The reason why the potential of this business is crazy is because My Vegas Business is in direct partnership with the owner of the hotels, clubs, and shows so that you can offer a better price than sites such as Expedia! With customer discounts as high as 30%, this is literally un beatable by competitors.


  • You can offer discounts as high as 30% which is way higher than other mainstream sites like Expedia
  • The actual training that you are getting is some top notch training that will show you everything you need to know
  • My Vegas Business is Completely automated from start to finish (all you need to do is drive traffic)
  • There is a potential to make some nice figures if not millions with this if you really treat it like a business.


  • Starting at $77, that might be kind of expensive for certain people. I still think the investment is definitively worth it, this is way better than the usual $47 Clickbank products 
  • Just like all other profitable business, there is a learning curve that you will have to go through in order to make big bucks with this. Remember, this is not like a get rich quick scheme, it need dedication.

Will I be recommending My Vegas Business?

Of course I will be recommending this product. The thing most people need to know is that this is not just another course, this is like owning your own fully operating business. This is a very refreshing new way to make big profits in the online industry. To be honest, I think this is a no brainer. With all of the insane discounts that you get to offer and the training that you get, this deserves to be treated like a business!

DISCOUNT!! – I have been able to secure a EXCLUSIVE discount using the button below get access for just $47! (Usual price $77)



What are the My Vegas Business Upsells (extras)?

Before going in to this remember that these are just up sells (extras) and they are not needed to succeed with my vegas business, however they may accelerate your rate of success. There are 3 up-sells, I give you a small description of each one.

Up-sell #1 – The limited (basic) version only lets you sell hotels, with this upsell it will turn your account into an unlimited version. This allows you to promote and earn commissions on clubs, restaurants, and shows. This will also give you 4 additional themes and the ability to sell the new products that will be added in the future. Price – Just $67 – this is a no brainer guys!

Up-sell #2 – I mentioned his in my review video. This gives you access to done for you promotional tools such as flyers etc.. Each recourse is can be fully customized or you can make your own. If you are a beginner, I recommend you get this. Price – $97

Up-sell #3 – This is the “High end Training” which is 8 weeks of live tailored coaching that will show you the best ways to promote your site to get maximum profits. This will show you the real way to make BIG BUCKS with this business. This is perfect for beginners as you will feel like you are being taken by the hand, and for advanced marketers, you will still learn lots of new highly effective marketing methods. Remember this knowledge is very important as you don’t always have to use it on this, you can use it to promote anything you want. The right Knowledge is the key to success online. Price – $197

DISCOUNT!! – I have been able to secure a EXCLUSIVE discount using the button below get access for just $47! (Usual price $77)



Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope my Review has helped you decide :). If you have any questions or opinions just leave a comment below.