Siege Commissions Review – Does it work?

Hi there,

Today I will be reviewing a very important product called Siege Commissions which is made by a guy called Peng Joon. If you haven’t noticed already, he is the creator of the previous most popular course, Work From No Home. The Work From No Home course generated so any success stories, that even I was amazed. This is why I want to see what is the difference between siege commissions and work from no home. They are both about seo, but siege commissions has some slight changes that will explode your profits. Ok lets get started, I hope you enjoy my siege commissions review.

The SEO game is constantly changing. With all of these search engine algorithm updates, it can be extremely hard to keep your site ranked on page on of Google. On top of that, in these economic times most people cant afford to purchase a website and hosting after paying for a course. It either that or they quit because they don’t see results fast. With this course you will see results extremely fast! Click the image below to see the video on how Peng Joon get astonishing results in just 7 days!

Whats the mind blowing part about this course?

First off, you can learn how to gain instant page one rankings for your Google news site in just 24 hours! Traditional SEO methods would last at least 2-4 weeks for you to get ranked and also required hours of backlinking. With this new SEO method you can get ranked as soon as your page goes live! Not only that but, you can also rank for highly competitive keywords. You now longer have to waist so much time on keyword research.

What will you learn in the Siege Commissions course?  and does it work?

You will learn how to create your own Google News site. This might sound easy but trust me it is very complicated. You will learn how to set it up, get it approved, and monetize it with things like Google adsense, Cpa, and Clickbank. Now, Google adores these news type sites and gives them huge credibility in the rankings. It see’s you as an authority figure, which means you can rank easily without the hassle of SEO headaches, and it also makes you vulnerable to farm house updates. To find out if it works click here to watch his case study on how Peng Joon made over $5,600 in just 7 days. He will show you exactly how its done. For a sneak peak take a look at the earnings he has made from using this method in those 7 days.

Whats inside the siege commissions members area?

You will get access to the same exact 7 day action plan that Peng Joon used to make over $5,600 in just 7 days. The 7 day action plan gives you a set of goals for each day. For those of you wondering, it does not require lots of time to get set up. Unlike his work from no home course that had a 30 day action plan which meant it may take longer to see results, with this 7 day action plan, you success is almost guaranteed. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, send Peng Joon and email and all of your money would be refunded. That is what I call putting your money where your mouth is.

My opinion? – For the low price of just $39, you really cant go wrong. You will be amazed by the power of the content that you will get access to after you join. I have been marketing for many years now and I know for a fact this works. If you have any questions or opinions feel free to leave a comment below 🙂