Tube Cash Code Review – Why I Dont Recommend It

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 Hey there, and welcome to my Tube Cash Code Review. Now I don’t know about you guys but I am almost 100% sure that you guys have seen hyped up sales video (emails in your inbox, fake actors, fake testimonials etc..) Like always, with all of this hype and and attention surrounding this course, I had to purchase a copy to see if its really worth it and if its a scam. Continue reading below for my FULL honest tube cash code review.Tube Cash Code Review

As you can see the snapshot above is a quick snapshot of the members area. If you are one of my subscribers you’ve probably already got an email from me warning about this upcoming course however if you are new to my blog, let me show you exactly why I don’t recommend it below.

If you are new to internet marketing, now at days most sales videos use fake actors, fake testimonials, luxurious cars, and empty promises to get you to purchase a scam-my course.  This means you don’t know what you are purchasing because the entire sales video is “PURE” hype. With that said here is my full Tube Cash Code Review video below.

tube cash code scam

Why I Don’t Recommend Tube Cash Code –

First off, the members area is the worst members area that I’ve seen since mobile money code. Every step inside the first 7 step does not contain any information that will help you actually make money online. Matter fact instead of helping you, the first seven steps inside the tube cash code are just more up-sells to get you to spend even more money before you quit. Also before you get access to the members area you have to wait like 20 minutes going through over 5 up-sells priced as high as $289!. Therefore if you were one of those people who did not see my tube cash code review and actually went through all of their steps, you’d end up wasting over $2,000 on straight trash.

To sum it all up, just like their previous scam course, they are only interested in getting as much money as possible out of you. Even if you really want that small YouTube course that was included inside of the tube cash code I still do not think its worth $49 and all of the up-sells etc.. There are tons of free tools out there that work a lot better than the one that you get with this course. Also the YouTube marketing training videos are outdated as they were filmed in January 2011 and this course is being released in 2013.  There have been lots of search engine updates which would make this training worthless. Its crappy material like this that was inside the course which made me want to create a tube cash code review.

What to I recommend You Do Now?

Since I definitely do not condone you joining tube cash code, I recommend you join the exact same legit business that I am using to make over ten thousand dollars a month. Also if you join me I will include a bonus for free were I will personally show you on video how to rank videos on YouTube to get thousands of visitors in traffic for free to whatever offer of your choice. That legit business of course is the Empower Network. Its just $45/mo to join the empower network compared to over $2,000 in expenses in the tube cash code.

With that said, I hope my tube cash code review has helped you decide  whether you would like to purchase. If you have any opinions or questions feel free to leave a comment down below. Which one do you think is better? Tube cash code or Empower Network. Leave a comment below with your opinion.

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