Tube Cash Code Vs. Empower Network

Hey its Nathanael here,

You are most likely here because you either came from an email of mines or from my tube cash code review. The reason I am making this quick comparison is because there is lots of controversy between the tube cash code and the empower network. There where comments in my review video saying that one is better than the other. What I will do is I will show you my review video below then I will show you an in depth comparison between the two. Once im finished you be the judge and leave a comment down below.

Here is my tube cash code review below 🙂

If you watched my entire review video above then you’d know that my main point is that I dong think tube cash code or their outdated youtube module/tools is worth spending $49 or potentially thousands. Also I think none of the up-sells are worth it. Maybe if the up-sells actually included value then it would be a whole differnet story but the up-sells contain horrible content that is not worth hundreds of dollars.

Which one provides more value? Empower Network or the Tube Cash Code? (you be the judge)

Empower Network –

  • For just the price of one night at a restaraunt ($25) you get a completely done for you fully customizable viral blog. All you have to do is login and start blogging. Its already designed for you, monetized for you so you dont have to do a thing. Getting set up is what usually holds back lots of newbies from making money blogging
  • The viral blogging system training. This is incldued in your $25/mo dollar payment. So not only are you getting your hosted done for you blog, but you are also getting training videos that show you exactly how to make money blogging. This is already a killer thats way better than tube cash code, however it does not stop there.
  • For just $19.95/mo you get to become an affiliate and resell all products you own inside the empower network for a commission.
  • Unlike 90% of affiliate networks, empower network does not give you puny commissions because they know giving you more commissions can make you more money. Therefore empower network gives you 100% commissions on all sales you make. Thats how you build your residual income with tons of $25/mo sales.
  • The compensation plan of the empower network is designed to help YOU (not EN) make as much money as possible through leverage. Their compensation plan is perfect and I’ve never seen one like it.
  • You get 11 lead capture pages to build a list, also you do not need an autoresponder because EN will follow up with your leads, however you can integrate Getresponse and Aweber with EN
  • You also get access to all of my bonuses which will show you how to make over $20k/mo with youtube and tons of other marketing methods.
  • All of the Up-sells inside the empower network are WELL worth the money. Not only are you getting advanced training that can take you from zero to $15k/mo but you’ll also be able to re-sell the upsells for 100% commissions. That means potential $1,000 days if not a $4,625 day.

Tube Cash Code –

  • For $49 its like as if they are promising that you will earn Millions of dollars using their secret software that nobody knows about when really its just an old, outdated, repackaged youtube marketing course that is not even worth $49 dollars anymore
  • The first 7 steps inside the members are contain absolutely NO training, just pure up-sells and links to other products so that you can spend more money, and the product creator makes more money. Whenever you see a members area like this, that most likely means its a scam and it would be a pain in the ass to get a refund.
  • One of the steps ask you to get “money making blog” set up for you when really its not a money making blog its just a normal blog. Not only that, they rip the HELL out of you by asking you for $269 when you can get a way better money making blog from empower network for just $25 bucks! Check out the image below showing how much they charge for the website.
  • There are over 5 up-sells that you have to go through before you get access to the members area which contains even more upsells. Like 3 of the first 5 upsells are priced at $289, then the last two at over $100. Then the members area containing the $269 rip off site, and two more $49 dollar up-sells rip off site
  • The tools inside the small youtube course of tube cash code are not worth it as the new google keyword planner is alot more accureate and easier to use. Also this should not be a reason to purchase tube cash code becasue I show you how ot make money on youtube as a bonus for joining my empower network team.

My Tube Cash Code Vs. Empower Network Opinion – 

I really dont recommend the tube cash code as I believe its a scam and its not worth your money. For example if you actually follow the steps inside the members area not only would you end up spending thousands of dollars with a chance of no refunds, but you’d also probably recieve and learn absolutely nothing that will help you earn any money online.

On the other hand I highly recommend the empower network as I have been using it to make a killing online. There nothing bad that I can say about the empower network because Ive just had great experiences with them.

tube cash code


If that's the case all those "educational products" are up sells too! And I have that product and what you stated is a fucking lie!! They don't ask you to get a damn blog!! TubeCashCode has nothing to do with a damn blog! Its a simple way to make money with YouTube. For anyone that read this all he wants you to do is to buy what he is selling! He didn't do any good research on the product he's talking about! 

If you want to be technical, the upsells with TubeCashCode are upsells you don't need to make money with it! I've made money without them! And I didn't buy a damn upsell! Tell these people the truth about the product!

All of those upsells in Empower Network, you do need to make money!

If you want to do a complete review actually buy the product and test it out instead of lying! Cause at the end of the day you lying on your "blog" makes you no better than any other con artist!! 

Also, in this disclaimer for Empower Network, this is not a guaranteed way to make money! Most people don't make money with this, not saying that EN isn't a good platform! But they don't tell you the whole truth when trying to resell this!