What you REALLY Need To Know If You Want To Make Money Online

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Now there are tons of marketers out there saying that you need to know how to do this, and you need to know how to do that etc.etc… In the end you really dont need to know much to start making money online. In fact you just need to know 2 marketing methods to make money online. With that said below I’ll let you know exactly what you need.

So What Do You Really Need To Make Money Online?

how can I make money online

The truth is that you only need to build a list which is email marketing, and the second method is up to you. You can choose one of the many ways to drive targeted traffic to a capture page that builds your list. Whether its video marketing, blogging, advertising or whatever, just choose two, stick to it and you’ll start to see results.

Why is building a list A MUST DO If you to start swimming in dough?

Having an email list is like the perfect fale safe. Let me give you an example. Lets say you are ranked on Google for a keyword that gets you tons of visitors and sales per month but you are still building a list with that traffic. If you wake up tommorrow morning and ALL of your traffic getting methods completely collapse, the only tool you’ll have is your email list. With an email list (depending on its size) you have the power to send out one email and make thousands of dollars the same day it happens.

An email list also enables you to make sals on autopilot. You can do this if you set up an autoresponder to automatically follow up with your leads. This is every internet marketer has had a sale while they are sleeping. So you get the poing, the basics are that you need a list, a capture page to build a list, and a way of driving targeted traffic to your list.

Whats the best autoresponder that I recommend you use?I recommend you use Aweber. Its the autoresponder that I use to make money. Its also the best at getting past the spam filters of big email providers. That will increase your open and click through rate. You can your first month for just $1 then $19 a month when you click here to sign up for Aweber. Now all you need to do is find a way to drive traffic and create a lead capture page that converts. One good way to start is by starting your own blog to drive traffic through blogging.

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Why you NEED to join the Empower Network if You Want To Make Money Online

First off they provide you with everything you need to make money online. You get to promote the empower network and earn 100% commissions, you get your very pre made already set up blog to get traffic through blogging, you get 11 proven to convert lead capture pages that integrate with Aweber, and finally a set of training videos to show you SEVERAL ways to drive targeted traffic. In the end you get the two things you need AND more which basically guarantees your success IF you take action.

You see, the best training, the best tools, and the best mentors in the world are useless if you dont actually do what they tell you to do. Remember this Action takers are the money makers. If you are a lazy person then making money online is not for you.