Your First Commissions Review – Doest the Software really work?

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Hi there,

Today I will be reviewing a very popular new course called Your First Commissions. This product was created by a man called Grayson Brookshire. He is not like your typical internet marketer who just constantly makes products. Grayson is an affiliate marketer just like us. The only difference is that he has mastered affiliate marketing. After all of his years in the trenches he has decided to show everyone all the methods he uses to rake in huge affiliate marketing profits in his new course, Your First Commissions. Here is what the members area looks like…



As you can see from the screenshot above, the members area has a very nice design. You will know what I mean once you join 🙂

So What Exactly is Your First Commissions?

To break it down in a nutshell, its a state of the art auto blogging monetization system. Yes this means that it creates a FULL affiliate blog about what ever niche you want all for you. Basically it will do all of the hard parts of blogging for you, and that is why the Your First Commissions Software is a MUST HAVE. You will also get a set of extremely helpful training videos that teach you how to drive traffic to your blog.

How Does The Auto Blogging System Work?

The software will fetch content (RSS Feeds/Articles/YouTube videos) based on the niche/ keywords that you define. It obviously does not completely copy it, it rewrites and optimize it for SEO which makes it unique, so that way its ready to both start receiving traffic and making you some sales!

THATS NOT ALL!!! My favorite part about this system is that you can schedule it to fetch new content daily,weekly,monthly, or even set it to what ever time range you want. For example you can put it to fetch new content every 3 days to write and publsih new content FOR YOU. Getting all of this fresh new consistent content will result in your blog getting ranked in big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


  • Unlike other related softwares like Twin Peak Profits, there are NO START UP COST!!!
  • The auto blogging system is way better than any other auto blogging software out there, it really is like paying someone to blog for you, except its a software 🙂
  • The software is very easy to use.


I honestly could not come up with anything. One thing that bothered me a little but was that the first video was kind of long but other than that, I don think there is anything wrong with this 🙂

Your First Commissions Review – Conclusion

I think this is definitively worth the investment because there are NO START UP COST. I don’t usually get this hyped for courses or software’s but this blew my mind. I was able to create targeted affiliate blogs in minutes, just imagine the potential! To make things short, if you are a new to blogging or if you are an existing experienced blogger, Your First Commissions will save you so much time and make you so much money!!! 🙂



RIP OFF - never sent me a login and a password - I contact support 12 times no response - I have requested a refund......they will not refund till seller responds.....obviously they will not respond.  RIP OFF RIP OFF - run run run